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Hydrophobic, water-repellent treated and shatter-proof Polycarbonate lenses. With different colors you can choose which filter you want to see the world through.


Crush-resistant polycarbonate lenses with hydrophobic, water repellent treatment and anti-fog treatment by CE EN166 standard. With different colors you can choose which filter you want to see the world through. Colored lenses also help improve contrasts, which in turn can be helpful in performing your activity. The lenses are approved according to CE requirements and provide full protection against harmful UV rays.

• UV lens in shatter-proof polycarbonate

• Lens has Anti-fog treated inside

• Hydrophobic water-repellent and scratch-protected treated

• Provides 100% UV protection

The lenses comes in many colors, with slightly different characteristics:

• Pink UV lens: Pink lens provides improved depth perception and brings out contrasts. A lens with high light transmission that fits well on days with little or no sun. Light transmission 64% - Category 1.

• The clear glasses are for conditions where sun protection is unnecessary, but where snow, rain and wind can hinder performance. The clear lenses still have UV365 so that they block UVA and UVB rays which are harmful even in cloudy conditions. Light transmission 90% - Category 0.

• Grayscale helps to create a true-to-life color perception and reduces fatigue and glare. Gray is the most popular color for general use as it provides top sun protection and anti-reflection on bright, sunny days. Light transmission 14% - Category 3

• Blue hues help reduce glare and enhance color perception, making them popular with golfers and skiers. Blue has also been said to have a calming effect against "visual stress". Light transmission 36% - Category 2

• Lenses with yellow tint provide extra sharpness and contrast to your field of view in outdoor or indoor environments. Yellow tinted lenses are a great choice for cycling, skiing, shooting and even for e-sports. Light transmission 75% - Category 0

The lenses are available in HIGH and REGULAR versions in STANDARD and NARROW widths.