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The Northug Clothing Performance Collection is made for those who place great demands on their equipment.

The clothes are created for performance and have a large range of characteristics which will improve your performance, regardless of your sport or activity.

Recycled materials

NORTHUG textile collection created with a high focus on using sustainable materials. Majority of the active wear is made out of recycled polyester and recycled nylon materials. The recycled materials are certified and are compliant with Global Recycled Standard (GRS) 4.0.

Recycled materials are as good as virgin ones, fabrics has same elasticity, comfort, colour fastness and resistance to wearing, moisture wicking.
By using recycled materials, we are saving natural resources, reducing the amount of plastic waste in the planet, saving energy in production and generating less CO2 emission, helping to decrease the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission.
Recycled materials contributes in reduction of harmful impact of manufacturing to people and the planet. 

With this we give new life to used plastic bottles and reduce the use of new plastic. We work continuously to ensure that a larger part of the collection is with recycled or organic materials. Only those products made with more than 70% recycled material are marked with our recycled label.

Reflective materials and logos

Reflective materials and logos

Most of NORTHUG textile products has reflective details, which finalize the fashionable look, stand out in the environment, and provide the additional and improved visibility on unlighted streets when you train in dark conditions. For maximum protection, please wear the garments together with additional, high visibility reflective products.

YKK zippers

YKK zippers

Worldwide known high quality YKK coil zippers are used in Northug textile products. The zippers are soft and having pleasant touch. The coil zippers are made of spiral plastic elements, including polyester and nylon. Zippers has semi-automatic slider, which will be locked even when the puller is flipped up.

PrimaLoft Gold Insulation

This is one of the best type of synthetic insulation out there. It was specifically designed for people who lives active lifestyles, even when the weather outside is horrendous. Therefore, its primary focus is retaining and providing warmth when you get wet. PrimaLoft Gold insulation has a clo value of 0.92, which will provide you with the same amount of warmth as 500 or 550 fill-power down would.

  • Warmth without bulk. A high warmth-to-weight ratio means you don´t need bulk to stay warm.
  • Water resistant. Absorbs less moisture from the start so you stay drier and warmer.
  • Breathable. Encourages the passage of vapor to keep you from being cold or clammy.
  • Lightweight. All the warmth you need with little weight.
  • Superior softness. Enjoy unsurpassed softness that feels great on your body and contributes to a flattering fit.

PrimaLoft Black Insulation

This type of insulation is most suitable for everyday wear. It is very durable, are incredibly packable, breathable, water-resistant, and promise to provide warmth without unnecessary bulk and has a clo rating of 0.65.

  • PrimaLoft Black Insulation Hi-Loft, with fibers that provide high loft insulation that results in a nice light look and feel, but also provides extra durability.