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Northug Silver 2.0 Performance is a Northug multisport eyewear for high-intensity activity.

SILVER 2.0 Performance

Northug Silver 2.0 Performance is a Northug multisport eyewear for high-intensity activity. The wide view gives you good protection against the elements while retaining comfort. Ideal for multi-sport users who require safety and maximum vision. Silver is a spectacle with good adaptability for different weather conditions. Silver includes a REVO lens; with new and better Oleophobic + Hydrophobic coating that prevents dirt and water from sticking. The Revo 2.0 lens with mirror staining gives more clarity, better contrast and higher comfort than regular UV lenses:

The color White / Mint comes with a REVO 2.0 UV400 Regular lens in color Blue.

• Blue Revo 2.0 lens: Improves color perception and reduces reflexes. The lens has medium to low light transmission and is well suited for days with sun. Light transmission 18% (category 3).

The color Black / Red you get a REVO 2.0 UV400 Regular lens in color Amber

• Amber Revo 2.0 lens: Comfortable lens, which gives a warm color perception and improves contrast. With medium to low light transmission, the lens fits well on days of sun. Light transmission 30% (category 2).

2 sizes:
The glasses come in two sizes, with the standard model being the widest. They look similar and have the same technical features, but Standard is slightly wider and has longer eyeglasses. The standard model fits with standard lenses.

Silver Standard size: Regular lens height: 5 cm. Length: 17.5 cm. Width: 15.4 cm

The Narrow model is narrower, slightly smaller and fits well with slightly narrower faces as well as juniors. The Narrow model fits with narrow lenses.

Size of Silver Narrow: Height of Regular lens: 4.9 cm. Length: 15.7 cm. Width: 14.8 cm


• SwiftClick ™

• Interchangeable lens

• Adjustable temples

• Anti-fog treatment

• Protects against UV rays

• Scratch resistant

• Oleophobic lens prevents grease and dirt from sticking

• Hydrophobic - water repellent lenses

• PC lenses / unbreakable glass

• Adjustable nose piece


• Protective case

• 1 REVO 2.0 UV400 Regular Lens

• Microfiber cloth

• Storage bag


Design Purpose: To be use on the golf course. With increased color contrast, to better see the ball and grass condition.


Design Purpose: Preferably used in terrain, on rough roads or trails. Easily distinguish and highlights obstacles such as rocks, mud or potholes so you maintains safety even at high speed in terrain.


Design Purpose: For use on the road, made with a view to perceive situations on the road better, which allows you to move quickly, yet securely.


Design Purpose: Revo Polarised lenses for use nearby, or on water, to more clearly see targets / obstacles etc. on the surface, with minimal distortion in the field of view.